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Viden Labs helps clients deliver cyber secure networked devices and other operational technologies, so that their most important capabilities are safe, secure and available, when and where they need them most.

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Viden Labs is an Australian-based and sovereign owned, cyber technology company that provides cyberworthiness and supply chain assurance services to both Australian Government and Industry. Through our comprehensive and threat centric cyberworthiness framework, Viden Labs delivers high end assurance evaluations of critical capabilities or infrastructure at a hardware, software and supply chain level.

Hardware Analysis

Utilising trusted industry standards and advanced techniques including 2D & 3D Automated Optical Inspection, our hardware analysis regime is designed to readily analyse, catalogue and compare a broad range of identifying markers and other component features, to map potential attack surfaces, counterfeit components or unapproved design modifications.

Software Analysis

Utilising a comprehensive range of software analysis techniques and tools including Static, Dynamic and Interactive Application Security Testing, our software analysis regime is designed to readily identify, catalogue and analyse software vulnerabilities, as well as malicious or undisclosed code.

Supply Chain Analysis

Utilising cutting edge Open Source Intelligence tools and other trusted public and private data sets, combined with detailed supply chain mapping techniques and physical security audits, our supply chain analysis regime is designed to build a rich and comprehensive picture of the entire supply chain ecosystem surrounding the target component.

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